Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thrifty footwear

Now I know all you regular readers are aware that I LOVE shopping at garage sales, thrift stores, and Goodwill. If you've been reading a while you may also remember that one of my goals when I turned 40 was to dress cuter and wear more skirts, jewelry, cute shoes, etc. So I thought you might enjoy seeing 2 really cute new pairs of shoes I've recently acquired. First up is a pair of LifeStride slides that I bought this week at Goodwill for a whopping $3.99. They are SO cute. I was thrilled to find them. I am working on sewing a cute skirt to go with them.

I think the little butterfly detail is really cute.

The other pair is this pair of white Nine West slides that I bought at my fave local thrift store for $7.00.

I kept trying to wrench my leg to the side and take a photo where you could see the cute little kitten heel, but I didn't like how my ankles looked in the photos. (I know, so vain!) So I just slipped one off and plopped it on my nightstand.

For $11 I bought 2 pairs of shoes...............less than half what you would normally expect to pay for one pair. I'm telling you, people, thrifting is the way to go. It's so fun. You should try it if you haven't already. Don't be discouraged if you don't find something great every time. Just keep it up and you'll be amazed at the bargains that await you. Just this morning, for example, I went to a bunch of garage sales with both my boys, my mom and my cousin. At the last one I found 2 waterers for baby chicks for $1. I would have paid much more for those at the local farm store. It was very serendipitous to find them just when we're getting everything ready for our chicks to arrive. I also bought a plate that I didn't like that much for 50 cents just so I could use the attached plate hanger for another plate that I want to hang in my kitchen. I can guarantee you that I wouldn't have been able to buy a new plate hanger for 50 cents.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be sure to share more great finds as I find them.

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