Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Chinaberry catalog

I just received the latest Chinaberry catalog in the mail today. If you are not aware of this company, I highly encourage you to click here to order a catalog. They carry a wonderful selection of children's books for all ages. I pretty much read the catalog cover to cover. The catalog is a treat in and of itself. They have really delightful, personal descriptions and reviews for every one of the products they carry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE children's books and am always amazed at the wonderful variety they have. I am heading off to curl up in bed with the catalog right now.

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Sheila and the rest of the Chinaberry team said...

Dear Laura,

Thanks so much for mentioning our Chinaberry catalog in your blog. We are always delighted to hear that our catalog is a source of joy. You probably won't be surprised that many of us, me included, love curling up in bed with the catalog too!

We'd like to let you know that we recently launched our blog ( and encourage you to take a look.

Thanks again for spreading the word about Chinaberry. We appreciate you taking the time!