Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our weekend project

Since my DH and I now consider ourselves to be really great carpenters after our chicken coop construction project we are tackling another building project this weekend. Our oldest son will turn 8 soon and hasn't given us very many good ideas for what he wants for his birthday. So......we are turning another shed on our property into a fort for him (and his little brother). This shed is stuck back to back with the one we used to build the coop. So we will pretty much just imitate the steps we took to construct the coop. It should be pretty cool when it's finished. Yesterday we (mostly DH) cleared out the inside. You can see that there was a bunch of stuff in there. It has now been designated to the trash heap or to another storage area on our property. DH had to liberally spray down a few wasp nests with the bug killer spray. Today we are going to start construction. Hopefully it will go quickly, but it seems that these projects always take longer than you think they will. I will definitely post photos of the process. It is really dirty and gross in there right now. The floor is completely rotted out, so we'll start by framing in and laying a new floor. The whole interior will be primed and painted white which will make a HUGE difference in how it looks.

Here's what it looked like after we cleared it out and DH removed the existing doors. We'll frame in a new front wall with a screen door.