Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memorial Day 5 Mile Run

A big accomplishment for me this spring was completing my first road race. On Memorial Day I ran a 5 mile race. It is the first race I've ever done (not counting the 3-legged races I got stuck doing in every elementary track meet) and my goal was just to finish. I am happy to say I ran every step of the race. It was a pretty hilly course, but I really paced myself well and ran pretty comfortably the whole time. I had never run that far before the race but I believed I could and so I did. I have found that running takes more mental strength than physical strength. When your body tells you it wants to quit you just have to be mentally tough and tell it to "Shut up and keep going." That's what has worked well for me, anyway.

Thanks, Justin, for taking the photo shown below. It is nice to have some action shots of my first race. I have continued my running throughout the summer although I've moved back inside to the treadmill these last few weeks because it has been SO hot and humid. I am hoping to do a few races this fall. My two boys also ran their first race on Memorial Day, completing the 1/4 mile Fun Run. So we all have matching t-shirts and can look back and say we all ran our first race on the same day.

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Gigi said...

Congratulations Laura! That is an awesome accomplishment!