Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art class

This afternoon the boys and I met my friend, Krystal, and her two boys at a new local gift shop that has art classes on Saturdays. We had fun although my little boy got pretty rowdy. The boys did print-making, spin art, and played with clay. These photos show the spin-art. For only $5 per child it was a pretty good value. We will probably do it again but my little guy may stay home next time. We'll see! :0)

Other than that, we tried to stay warm. It is FREEZING here. Actually, if the temperature was at freezing it would feel balmy. It is below zero right now. My toes were frozen after a 5 minute ride in the car. UGH! I hate the cold of winter when it's too cold to even go out and enjoy the snow. My husband, however, did his daily run OUTSIDE today. He is crazy! Actually, I admire his dedication. He has been running for decades now and knows how to dress for all sorts of weather. Still...........I was pretty happy on the treadmill this morning. :0)

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