Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joyful Job Jar

You know those little decluttering and straightening jobs that always seem to take a back burner? Well, if you're anything like me you can think of about 20 things you'd rather do than declutter the junk drawer or the hall closet. I actually enjoy organizing things, but sometimes getting started is really hard for me. To give myself renewed motivation I decided to make a "job jar" for myself. I wanted it to have a catchy, alliterative name and since I couldn't find a synonym for "dreaded" that started with "j" I decided to be positive and call it the "Joyful Job Jar." Now I just need to generate some joy about using it. Haha

I used an empty peanut butter jar and printed two labels for it.

It's funny..........I don't mind doing laundry at all and I'm almost always caught up on my laundry tasks. Hey! Laundry is a joyful job for Laura!! Yay!!

I cut up a bunch of slips of paper and wrote a decluttering type job on each of them. When I have an extra 15-30 minutes I am committing myself to reaching into the jar, pulling out a task and tackling it.

See all those innocent little pieces of folded paper? I am about to reach into this very jar and pull out a job. I am on my second snow day in a row and didn't accomplish much yesterday. I am determined to make today more productive. Here goes.................and the joyful job of the day will be..........."declutter cabinets in basement kitchen." Our home has 2 kitchens. Not because I am a prolific cook but because that's what it had when we moved in. We use the cabinets in the downstairs kitchen to store a VARIETY of things which I guess I will now go and sort out. Can you sense my joyfulness? Me neither. Oh to the basement. I would love to hear how you discipline yourselves to complete your most dreaded and annoying of tasks.


Annicles said...

I make my husband do them!

Gigi said...

Annicle, you crack me up!!!

Laura, I LOVE this idea. I am doing this tomorrow. I have a running to do list but I always leave the least desirable for last!

Krystal said...

Very cute jar! Maybe that would help me get motivated. I like doing laundry too.

Debmom4ca said...

I hope you found some things that were "missing" and plenty of stuff that you can get rid of.

Anna Q said...

I invite company over. It's the only way to get DH to pitch in and help me tidy up. Or, get pregnant and wait 8 months for the nesting urge to kick in. :D