Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update on waffle experiments and a new obsession

If you read my previous post you are aware that during our GREAT SNOW-IN I pulled out a waffle iron that hadn't been used since the 1990s and tried out some made-from-scratch waffle recipes on my family. You would also know that my banana cinnamon waffles were met with a less-than-enthusiastic response. As I said in that post, I am not easily discouraged and planned to try out a gingerbread waffle recipe. Which I did. Let's just say that future waffle experimentation is on hold until further notice. Nuff said.

(Sidenote: I will say that between the two recipes (links are in my previous post) I really loved the banana cinnamon waffles. In fact, I ate some of the leftover ones for breakfast this morning. I had refrigerated them and I just popped them in the toaster like an Eggo waffle and ate them with sliced bananas and pancake syrup on top. It was much more decadent than my usual breakfast fixings! So I may make more of these for my own breakfasts and freeze them to eat during the week.)

In other news, we haven't retrieved any more gigantic eggs. However, today was a 4-egg day which is always exciting because that means all four hens laid an egg today. I found a frozen, squashed mouse in the chicken coop and had DH dispose of it. Before tossing it he brought it to the door to show our boys. My oldest son promptly said, "Mommy, you can write about that on your blog." So I am. :-) I will, however, spare you a photo glimpse of the mouse remains. In case you are wondering I DIDN'T even take a photo. (Thought about it, though!)

My new obsession is planning our garden for this summer. We have not had a vegetable garden since we had the boys. Usually we don't even think about gardening until about the middle of June and then it seems too late to tackle it. So.........I'm getting a head start and planning it all out now. I have been obsessed about looking up information from the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) website. That is the method I plan to use. It requires virtually no weeding..........seriously. I'm all over that. You should check out the concept of's a really neat idea and you can do it in very little space with very good results. I have also been looking through my Burpee seed catalog that just came yesterday and getting on the Burpee website to read the customer reviews of all the different types of seeds. That has been really helpful in deciding which seeds to order. I am pretty excited about our venture into gardening. I'm sure I will write many future posts about it. If any of you do the SFG method, I'd love it if you'd post a comment about how you like it, what you grow, etc. Below is a photo of my garden notebook and some gardening books I checked out from the library today.


Honey said...

SFG is 'da BOMB digitty!!! I LOVE it! That's what we do & it's amazing! You've got to do companion planting too (some just don't do it) but it'll help so much with keeping things, big,green & vegetably (is that a word?). Also, it will help with keeping the chickens out of the garden harvest. One thing you'll find with the chickens is you'll find pecked 'maters. They love their tomatoes. We'd just cut out the pecked part & eat the rest. It's like their kids who see a wedding cake pre pictures/cutting...they just gotta stick a finger in it.

Any whoo! SFG is absolutly, amazing, life changing, zen like, sensory loading experience. I also would recommend adding your herbs & flowers throughout. This will help with beneficials, & fertilizing your plants. Oh, but you've got to have a tea section. Toss all kinds of herbs/flowers that are edible/steapable in a section. Every morning go out & clip some/anything. Dry some for the winter & steep some now. During summer I always add some mint since it helps to cool the body & pour it over ice.

This is also an amazing Monte exerience for the boys since they can learn all about the plants, their different uses, what is good for medicine, the animals, etc. Even what it means when a plant (like a thistle) grows here...there are nutrients deep in the ground but not so much at the surface..

Good choice on the sfg. Ours was 60x120ft with 4 ft wide beds. I also had a few 2 ft wide in some neat shapes.

Be sure to add pics, and remember to get organic/heirloom seed so they can be saved for next year (another great learning experience)


Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

We have been doing SFG for two years (this will be our third year) and we love it! We have two beds that are 2x8 each and they run along the side of our house so they are out of the way and get southern exposure. About half of the space has a trellis made from rebar(sp?). Then we have a third box that is 2x8 as well that is just for herbs. And we do some extra tomatoes in pots. It's awesome. Hardly takes any space, you get lots of stuff and seriously, there really is no weeding. We start some things from seeds (we get ours from Johnny's Selected Seeds) and then if things don't work out, we buy seedlings at the farmer's market. There are also many things that we start directly from seed in the garden. Our lettuces do really well here and last year, we re-seeded for a second crop. The last two years we planted both bush beans and pole beans, and I think this year, we'll just do pole beans. They have been more productive and are easier to pick. I stopped maintaining my dedicated garden blog mid-year last year, but if you're interested...

I need to order my seeds pretty soon! Last year I waited too long and some things were out of stock.

Originalkat said...

I am so encouraged! We just bought SFG and are sooo excited. I have never gardened befor and am a little nervous, but I think it will be a great method for us. Cant wait to see more pics to come!