Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love you, Goodwill

Today I headed to Goodwill to scout out some new clothes for spring. We are going on a little vacation later this week and I wanted to see if I could find any great deals. Boy, did I! I really need to go to Goodwill more often. I bought 9 pieces of clothing for myself for just over $30. I decided to dedicate this blog post to showing you what I bought. Perhaps it will inspire you to consider thrifting for clothing for yourself. It takes time and patience to score good deals at Goodwill. Don't be discouraged if you come away with nothing. Go back again. Sometimes I find nothing to bring home and sometimes (like today) I find a bunch of great stuff. Below you can see many of my new clothing items hanging in my bathroom.

I was absolutely thrilled to find a brand new (tags still on) MUDD coat for $5.49. It is tan-colored "suede" with a fleecy lining. A perfect transition coat and I really needed one. I also found a cute white cardigan sweater with tags still on for $5.49.

One great thing about Goodwill is that they always have some of their clothing on sale for 99 cents. Today it was green-tagged clothing. I bought this royal blue Starter running shirt for 99 cents.

A pair of shorts and a paisley knit blouse (I LOVE it!) for $3.49 each (I think).

I debated about the flowered top on the left. It has a matching cami with it. They are made from kind of a crepe material. I was a little afraid they look "little old lady", but I know that the trend this season is florals. I felt much better when I saw something VERY similar at Target today. I think I can pull it off........and for $3.49 you can't beat the price. The green knit polka dot shirt was also $3.49.

This blouse was 99 cents and will be great to wear to work.

This olive green knit top is a really flattering fit on me, I discovered. I wished they had it in many different colors, but that usually doesn't happen at Goodwill. When I got home I found a hole in it, but it was in the seam and I quickly stitched it closed on my sewing machine (which was already up and running since I was up late..........1 AM.......working on a project last night. I'll reveal the project soon!). Good as new! And it was $3.49 (I think).

OK..............admit it! You're totally impressed with my thrifting bounty. Now get out there and run (don't walk!) to your nearest Goodwill. Drop me a line and let me know what great things you find, 'kay?


Amy said...

Nice finds! My local Goodwills don't have sale days or specials. :-( Still, $3-5 bucks for a wardrobe freshener isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

Goodwill is the best! Almost all my wardrobe comes from there....they have great brands, and you pay a fraction of the price! My best finds include a Juicy Couture hoodie, Cole Haan loafers, a pair of Nike Shoks (like new), and numerous like-new kids items! WOW! I LOVE IT! Our Goodwill doesn't have .99 items... :(

Jeri Westerby said...

Good shopping! I like your finds, and what a deal. Check out my blog on thrifting at

Keep blogging, it's fun to read yours.

Krystal said...

Great clothes! I love the flowery one and you are right, it looks chick and not little old lady. There is a Goodwill right by my office so I need to go there more often. I shop second hand for the kids more often than myself, I guess it's just the patience thing you mentioned.

Lee Ann said...

Awesome! My husband and I love to go to Goodwill and Salvation Army to find great stuff. I am proud to say that probably 60% of my wardrobe is from thrift shops. And both our Goodwill and Salvation Army stores have sale days, too. Bonus! Have a great time on your trip! :)

Erikalyndon said...

I couldn't agree with you more! When I was down in Conroe (near Houston) a few weeks ago, I happened into a Goodwill and I was in shock! I spent $15 and got 5 tops. Then back in Dallas, I located my closes GW and spent 2 hours and $35 to get 11 items! A pair of Bandilino kitten heel sandals for summer, a summer "going out" dress in florals and all flouncy :) and a skirt and a bunch of too cute tops and soft vintage t-shirts. I was almost giddy! I don't want to spread the word too much though - I want it all for myself! Haha, j/k. Have a blessed day!