Sunday, March 8, 2009

It starts with a 4...........

..........Yes, people........that would be my current age. I rolled over another decade. I didn't think it would bother me much. After all, I like to say that I'm only a day older than yesterday whenever a birthday rolls around. This time was a little harder than I thought, however. I think I am a little disappointed in myself, truthfully. I thought I might have my act together better by now. I have to remind myself that I'm always a work in progress and that I will only improve by the grace of God. At least I am reflective about it all, I guess.

I decided to make a list of 40 things to do when I'm 40. So far I only have 23 things on the list. I am going to type them here for posterity. They are in no particular order.........just the order that they popped into my head when I wrote the list.

1. Hand sew a quilt. Luckily, I've already started that. You can read about it here.

2. Get a pedicure. I've never had one.......not much of a girly girl. But it sounds like it would be maybe that will go on my agenda for the spring or summer.

3. Run a 5K. I've been doing pretty well with my consistency on my running, so this should be very easy to get done this spring.

4. Run a 10K. I'd like to train for a longer race once I've done a smaller one.

5. Wear more skirts...........again, I'm not much of a girly girl, but I live in a testostrone filled house and I'm realizing that I want to add more femininity to my wardrobe.

6. Wear more jewelry. Kind of along the same lines as the above. I don't have much jewelry. I can never bring myself to spend the money on it, but I do think it's fun to wear.

7. Wear more heels. Can you see a theme emerging? I really want someone to nominate me for TLC's "What Not to Wear", but the people I am asking keep telling me my wardrobe isn't bad enough. Truthfully I just hate to shop. I always feel guilty spending money on clothes or shoes for myself. That's why if you know me and see what I usually wear, it's the same 1 or 2 pairs of shoes all winter mixed with the same 4 or 5 pairs of pants and a rotation of about 10 shirts. Pretty pathetic. I keep telling myself that when I get "older", I'll develop more style. Well, I'm getting older and the style, well, IS there a style? That's the problem.

8. Open an Etsy shop. I think I will get going on this during the summer when I have more time. I have lots of ideas for this.

9. Try to get some of my writing published.

10. Plan a date night once a month with DH (lest you think I might be planning it with someone else!!)

11. Learn to knit. This could be dangerous as I don't need another craft hobby or addiction, but I really want to learn.

12. Make a faithbook.

13. Catch up on my boys' scrapbooks.

14. Reorganize my photos into a Library of Memories (Stacy Julian) format.

15. Make a Memory Lane game.

16. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

17. Exercise as often as possible.

18. Send a handwritten letter to 100 people over the course of the next year. I am really enjoying doing this for my Lent project, so I thought I would continue it beyond Lent.

19. Participate in The Toy Society.

20. Participate in Operation NICE.

21. Sponsor a World Vision child.

22. Read Jane Austen. Can you believe I've never read her?

23. Finish making/buying/wrapping Christmas gifts by Halloween. (A lofty goal.........we'll see.)

That's as far as I've gotten so far. Have any of you ever done a list like this? I am open to including more ideas. I kind of wanted to have 40 things to do when I'm 40, not 23.


Amber, That's Me! said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear friend, happy birthday to you!

You have a great list started... I hope you have a wonderful day!

Beth D. said...

Happy Birthday, Laura!! The big 4-0! I'm so glad my wonderful friend is joining me in the club! I chose to be proud of myself for making it to the big 4-0 last year and I know we both have much to be happy and proud of in our lives to this point! At least you are not 41 as I am! You're a spring chicken! Have a wonderful rest of your special day.

I love your list of 23 things to do this year. I think they are great and hope I can do some of them with you. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I got around to reading Jane Austen in my late 30's. I think the classics are much better a little later in life. ;-)

Aspergertopia said...

Happy birthday. Fabulous idea 40 for 40. Oh and I took stacey's online library of memories class. Best thing I have ever done scrapping wise.

Have fun with the list!