Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks, Alice!!

I love a blog post title that draws the reader in with its complete obscurity. Tonight after the DH got home, I headed out to run a few errands, the most notable being a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out fabric for my quilt!! It took me quite a while to choose. One problem was that Hobby Lobby doesn't have an extensive selection of fabric. But I wanted to just get it and get going, you know what I mean? A very kind saleslady in the fabric department named ALICE spent quite a bit of time with me helping me decide on which fabrics looked best together. We probably pulled out about 15 or 20 bolts before narrowing it down to the final 5. She would think of something and go grab a bolt, then I would, etc. I am REALLY REALLY happy with the ones I picked out. In the photo below you can see them all stacked up just before I pre-washed them. They're in the dryer as I am typing this. In case you were curious as to the whereabouts of my fabric..........as if you had nothing better to think about! :0)

I started by picking out the paisley fabric at the bottom of the stack. Then I made my other selections using it as a guide. The polka-dot and diagonal stripe were made by the same manufacturer as the paisley, so they match up perfectly. The stripe is going to be the border between the quilt blocks as well as making up two other borders around the outside of the quilt. I think this quilt is going to totally rock!! I am planning to cut all the pieces out tomorrow night after the boys are in bed. Then I will be all set to start sewing as soon as 2009 rolls around. YAY!!

Here's a funny sidestory: Alice (the Hobby Lobby saleslady) told me to bring in a photo of the quilt when it's finished. I told her I would if she could wait a few years. Seriously! I knew I would be blogging about it, however, so I briefly considered giving her the blog address so she could see the progress of my quilt. Then I realized how totally weird that would have been not to mention overly familiar and inappropriate. I just wanted to confess to y'all that the thought DID cross my mind. But I restrained myself. I realize the whole world isn't as into blogging as I am. They don't know what they're missing, do they?


Amber, That's Me! said...

I think you should have given it to her. Of course, I think everyone should read blogs.

MaryAnne said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I think you should have given your blog to her too, but of course I love blogging too.

rainbowmummy said...

If you were the more "this is my name, here is my face, and these are my kids" type of blogger I would have given it to her, but not that I think there is anything wrong with being the described blogger, I know you are private with it. I have been tempted to give mine to one of the dads I got on with at Eggs school but I know I would have regretted it! I call him Egg for crying out loud!! Whilst I admire public bloggers I know why I chose to remain private. Just whatever you do don't forget to show Alice a photo!

I love the fabrics you choose!!

Oh and I do think everyone should give blogging a go! I have friends now, from all over. Even You Tube has given me the gift of friendship, and especially having conversations with autistic adults and/or parents of autistic children is great!!