Sunday, May 3, 2009

Closet Transformation

Our home is about 20 years old and has those sliding closet doors that slide over each other. For quite a while one of the ones on my closet has been cantankerous. It is very hard to slide and gets stuck. Very annoying! Anyway, I remembered reading somewhere (or maybe I saw it on HGTV) that replacing closet doors with fabric curtains actually maximizes your usable closet space because you can reach the middle section easily whereas you can't with the sliding doors. So.........I took off the grumpy door myself and had DH remove the other one. Below is what it looked like before both doors were removed.

I am going to repaint our kitchen/dining room/living room as soon as school is out and am planning to replace my dining room curtains. I had a complete AHA! moment when I realized that I could use 2 of the panels for my new curtain "door". The length was perfect and the red gingham check matches my quilt perfectly. I bought a new Shabby Chic brand curtain rod from Target and had DH install it yesterday. Voila! New closet doors. It's totally true that you can access the whole closet much easier without the wooden doors. I LOVE IT!


Ashley said...

LOVE this idea!! So much easier to get to the it really adds decor to your room!! You have to be so EXCITED about all of the "new" things in your house!!

Nino's Mum said...

Hey Laura, it's been a while. I've been reading up here and at the montessori journey, kinda lurking and leaving happy that things are good for you. I've tagged you here on a post that intends to connect mommy bloggers around the world in 80 clicks, would love to read your answers. Go here: