Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More thrifting fun

Today I went to my favorite local thrift store and grabbed a few things for my home decorating projects. Below you can see what I picked up. The glass vase in the foreground will hold something somewhere, maybe something seasonal. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the white tin and white baskets, but they will definitely fit into the decorating scheme I've started in our home. The lemons will go in the kitchen once I get the re-do done. More pictures to follow when I get that going.

On Monday I went to Goodwill. I don't get to go there often, so it was a real treat. For less than $25 I got a BUNCH of great stuff. Below you can see the glass vase, white pitcher, red vase, plate stand, 4 matching frames and 9 white plates that I got. The white plates are going on the soffit in my newly painted kitchen. Today I picked up some plate hangers at my local thrift store. Also at Goodwill I got a grapevine wreath that I am hoping to decorate with summery flowers once I find them cheap AND I got a white wicker frame that I have BIG plans for. Can't wait to get that project done and posted. I forgot to take a photo of those 2 things.

Since I had lots of time to shop without my boys, I decided to see what, if any, clothing bargains I could find for myself. The yellow tags were on sale for 99 cents so I stuck with looking at the yellow-tag clothing. The photo below shows the 4 new tops I got for 99 cents each and the new denim skirt I got for $3.49. I tried a bunch of stuff on but ended up with these. For less than $8 I added 5 items to my spring/summer wardrobe. Two of the blouses were Liz Claiborne.

Close-ups of the clothing. The paisley will go great with black capris, skirt or pants. The other red print will go great with denim, khaki, or brown. It is a really cool feminine blouse. LOVE IT!

Green is my favorite color but I don't have much green clothing so I was happy to find the green striped 3/4 sleeve shirt. The other knit top was just a fun summery print and will go great with the new denim skirt or with khakis.

Here you can see that you can get name-brand clothing for a great price if you don't mind wearing/buying used and you love a bargain. $3.49 for a Bass denim skirt.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are some great finds! I love a denim skirt--goes with so many different tops.

schmobes said...

Love it! I love buying at the thrift shop! You can find such great stuff!