Sunday, May 31, 2009


I realized today that I haven't written anymore about our dog, Buzz, since writing about the severe seizures he had a few days ago. He came home Friday afternoon. Most likely he has a brain tumor. Since most vet clinics outside a university setting don't do MRIs or CAT scans, there's no way to confirm this for sure. However, that is probably what's going on with him. He has some permanent neurological damage.........he drags one foot a little, is somewhat clumsy now when he moves around, and we think his vision is a bit impaired. However, the good news is that he hasn't had anymore seizures. He is taking Prednisone and Phenobarbitol (I don't know if I spelled those correctly) and that combination of medications seems to be working. We don't know what the future will bring, but for now, we will try to continue to provide a loving home to this sweet little guy. Below is a photo I took of him today.

The other thing that's been going on around here is that we set up our pool for summer. In the past we've always just had an inflatable pool that we dump and refill every few days. At the end of the season last summer, we bought one that can stay up all summer. It has a filter and we spent ALL DAY yesterday trying to get the chemicals at the right levels so the boys could swim. Long story short............the boys got to go in today. It was a little cold, but they had a good time. I took a ton of photos, but most had the kids in them, so I only have a few to post. The first photo below shows the pool with the top ring inflated. This pool is 10 feet in diameter, so a little bigger than the ones we've had before.

After the top ring was inflated, we filled it with water. The ring floats up as the water rises. It took over 2 hours to fill it.

The next photo is funny. The boys wanted to swim as soon as they could once the pool was ready but they quickly got cold. Later in the afternoon they went in again. My oldest son was apparently so excited to go swimming that he put his swimming trunks on backwards. So this photo captures the excitement of swimming in your new pool for the first (second) time.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. I think it's already going too fast and I'm bemoaning the fact that I haven't gotten much done on my to-do list yet. But, I'm trying to remember to be "in the moment" and to relax and enjoy myself.

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Spesamor Academy said...

:) My boys put their clothes on backwards ALL the time! All the way down to their underwear. And then they put their shoes on the wrong feet. :)
That swimming pool looks refreshing!!!