Saturday, August 8, 2009

He rocks!

I know I write quite often on here about my husband and how great he is. Well, he deserves the here's another post about him. On Friday night I went out for a while to work at school and run a few errands. I had prepared dinner before I left and had eaten with my oldest son. My husband and younger son were going to eat later. So when I left there were dirty dishes all over the counter and all the food was still out. I figured that my DH would package up the leftover food, but wasn't expecting to find all the dishes washed and the counters wiped down when I got home. It was a great surprise! We don't have a dishwasher, so we hand-wash everything which I don't mind (since I do it about 3-4 times per day), but my husband does NOT care for washing dishes. He totally does his share of work around the house, but dishes is one of my usual chores. Anyway, when I got home I told him he rocked. He was not sure of what had warranted the compliment. I reminded him about washing the dishes. He said, "Oh yeah, I forgot I did that." He's so awesome!

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