Monday, August 3, 2009

My Life. In Pictures: Session 2/Day1

My good friend, Amber, is sponsoring another week of photo assignments. I had fun participating in her last one and decided to join in with this one. Today's theme is Summer Fun. Oh how I wish I could show you my two adorable boys and what they've been up to this summer. I have some hilarious photos of them in the pool with their goggles on looking like insects. But I never post their faces to protect their guess I'll post this photo of my little boy making a little "nest" under his shirt for our baby chicks. I love the little chicken head peeking out between his legs.

I've decided to dub the summer of 2009 as "Chicken Summer" since we have jumped onto the Backyard Chicken raising bandwagon this summer. It has consumed much of our time, resources and energy, but has so far proven to be an exciting journey. My boys LOVE their chicks and are creating memories that will last for their lifetimes. So this photo does truly represent our Summer Fun.


Amber, That's Me! said...

This is a perfect picture! It really represents what you have been working on all summer!

Jenny said...

Yes, this photo says so much! It definitely looks like fun, too.