Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeah, he's a keeper

I just wanted to show you the NEW ROOF on our chicken coop. Over the last 3 days, my DEAR HUSBAND (aka DH) has probably put in close to 20 hours working on this for me and 5 little chicks. We needed to add more ventilation to the roof anyway and the existing shingles were in pretty bad shape AND we had a bunch of shingles left from our recent roofing project on the house and garage. So...........he tore off all the old shingles, added 2 attic vents on each side, and put new shingles on. It took a LONG time. On Saturday he did one side and was pretty much working on his own the whole time. Which is hard when you have to hold a shingle in place on a slanted roof with one hand and hammer it in with the other. We don't have a nail gun, so he did it all the old-fashioned way..................with a hammer and nails. I helped him some on Sunday which he told me was actually helpful because I could hold the shingle while he nailed it on. I even nailed a few on myself. I wish I could show you a photo of him working hard, but his privacy is also protected here on the blog. Besides..........he looks pretty hot (in a good way) when he's all sweaty on a ladder and wielding a hammer so you never know where THAT kind of image might turn up on the web. Better to keep that image all to myself! Sorry ladies!

Hopefully the chicks will be able to move into the coop SOON because they are quickly outgrowing their Rubbermaid tub in the bathroom!

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