Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wrapped and Ready

I know many of you have been following along on my posts about the Christmas Book activities I'm planning to do with my boys during the Advent season this year. If not, read this post to get an idea of what we're doing. You can also click on the category label "Christmas Book Activities 2009" and that will allow you to read the posts about each individual book I've selected.

This afternoon I wrapped all 15 books in Christmas wrapping paper. My two boys were right there in the room with me, so I wasn't trying to keep it a secret. They did ask me what I was doing and I told them I was getting something ready for our Advent activities this Christmas. (I think they thought that was a little weird since it's still summertime.) I had pre-determined the order that I want to do the books this December. Remember that since I found it too difficult last year to do a planned Advent activity every day from December 1st-25th, I only selected 15 books for our project this year. So...........I decided which order we'll read the books in and made a master list. I wrapped all the odd numbered books in red polka dot paper and the even numbered ones in green printed paper. Obviously you could use whatever you have. I happened to have a lot of each of these papers left over from last year. And the little OCD person inside me insisted that they be wrapped so every other day was a different paper. Gotta keep the inner princess happy you know! Then I used some little white stickers I had and labeled each book with a number. We will open them in order, read the book inside and make the corresponding ornament project. My next step is to find and organize all the ornament materials so I'll have them ready. I'll post about that once it happens. I'm hoping that will be SOON!
I placed all the wrapped books in order in a wooden book box my dad made us. We have several of these and they are awesome! Then I stashed it in a closet and smiled to myself that I have planned ahead for ONCE IN MY LIFE and won't be scrambling to pull this together after Thanksgiving.

If you are interested in this project but don't want to tackle it with 15 books, think about a Christmas book you already have. If it's one on my list, you could even use the same ornament idea. If not, do a Google search and you'll probably find a cute idea to go with your chosen book. Just plan ahead to do one book and activity with your child this season. Chances are it will be a very special memory for both of you. And doing just one is just FINE!
We will be hanging our "book" ornaments on a separate tree. Just this morning my mom called me from a garage sale to let me know she had found a tree for $3 and should she buy it for me? Um.........YES, please! So she did and it's in my basement now. It's bigger than what I was's actually about 5-6 feet tall. But I think it will work just great..........and you can't argue with the price. If you aren't out there thrifting by now after reading all my thrifting posts, then get going! There are great deals to be had!!


Anonymous said...

So inspiring! Thank you for sharing your life with us out there in blogland. It is appreciated. And now, I can with envy think of you as I (yet again!) *think* about being preparing for Christmas!!!

Dawn said...

On your thrifty comment, you definitely gave me a bit of inspiration with your spray paint and thriftiness. I had some tea tins that I loved the size/shape but were not attractive. Instead of spray paint I used gesso for the base and then I painted them to match the colors of our bedroom and used my cricut to make some inspirational words on them with decoupage. Thanks so much, keep up the great posts. (I also love the chicken posts!)

Cindy said...

You are so awesome and very organized. I wish I was. But you give me hope.

Summer said...

Oh my Goodness, this is by far the best advent idea I have come across, and I certainly hope you don't mind if I copy you! I also love thrift stores (although my DH seems to be allergic!) We have always done such a scripture centered Advent study, this will be a great addition! Now if only I could follow your lead and get all the stuff together now.

katherinemarie said...

My FAVORITE advent activity EVER!!!! Thanks for the inspiration... we just finished our project... I can't believe you had this complete AUG--- WOW--- that really makes for one relaxing holiday seasion!!!!