Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Book Activity: The Christmas Hat & Santa hat ornaments

On Wednesday the boys and I read The Christmas Hat by A.J. Wood for our fifth Advent book. To go with this book we made little Santa hat ornaments. They were basically the ones shown here, but instead of gluing the ribbon and felt I sewed them on my sewing machine. I folded the triangle with right sides together and placed the ribbon INSIDE the fold, sewed up the side seam and then turned it right side out. The final step was gluing the cotton balls on. These were SO cute, but I think they would have been much harder and more frustrating to make had we glued them.

Below you can see the little hats on the tree. I think they look so cute. I wish we had made more of them.

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Leptir said...

So cute little hats :-)