Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Hunt for the Grown-Ups

Last year for Easter I sewed up a bunch of Secret Pocket Eggs and we took them to my mom's house for Easter. After our meal and the boys' egg hunt outside, my two boys hid the fabric eggs all over inside my mom's house and each adult had to go search for one for themselves. My boys LOVED doing this, so I wanted to do something similar this year. So............last night I put together these little Easter baskets that I made using a tutorial I found through this link at Katie's Nesting Spot. They are so easy to make and I'm already thinking about the possibilities for May baskets this year. I made mine using 6 inch squares of double-sided cardstock. I also hand-stamped the little tags to go on each basket. For May Day, I think I will involve the boys in the decorating. I didn't with these simply because our Saturday was SO BUSY that I literally didn't have time to get these done until after the boys went to bed last night. And after all, the best part for them was hiding them inside my parents' house and having all the grown-ups look for them.

Each basket held a little bit of Easter grass (the paper kind........I HATE the other kind!) and one plastic Easter egg. The baskets made using 6 inch squares of paper are just the right size for holding one plastic Easter egg. I put a Mini Cadbury chocolate egg and some jelly beans inside each plastic egg. That way the adults got to partake in all of the candy frenzy surrounding Easter.

I stamped the office supply tags with a yellow chick on one side and "Happy Easter" on the other side and tied them to the handle of the baskets.

I love this photo of all the little baskets nestled in the box and ready to take to Grandma's house. I wish I had gotten photos of the adult egg hunt, but mostly I would have gotten pictures of everyone's backside! One cool thing this year was that we had two special cousin Lesha brought two college student friends of hers who are studying abroad here in the US this year. One is from England and one from Spain. Neither of them had participated in an egg hunt before ever, so it was fun to introduce this tradition to them.

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