Sunday, April 12, 2009


As you know, I've been trying to incorporate the tips from Flylady into my daily life. I am tremendously excited about how much this is going to change my home life for the better. However, in the short term...........UGH! I think Flylady would tell me I'm trying to tackle too much and to slow down. And that may very well be good advice. However, I can't STAND for things to be completely messy (although I have been known to tolerate incomplete messes......haha!). And right now my basement is COMPLETELY MESSY. Let me explain.............when I started FLYing I decided to really dive in and tackle the clutter that was threatening to take over my house. So last weekend I listed some of our basement furniture on Craigslist and sold it within a few days. That allowed me to rearrange some things in our finished basement and, ultimately, it means that I have even more room in my craft room. The room pictured below in the not-very-good photos is my craft room. And I am VERY grateful to have a space dedicated to crafting. VERY GLAD.........seriously. Until our recent rearrangment, this room also held our piano and a pull-out couch which my MIL sleeps on when she visits. Both of these pieces of furniture have now been moved into the adjacent living area of our basement. So for the last SEVERAL DAYS (many hours of work each of those days), I have been trying to go through, weed out and reorganize my crafting supplies. Mostly this has meant going through oodles of scrapbooking paper and stickers. I used to sell Creative Memories and stopped selling a few years ago. Since then I've had my scrapbook paper stored in about 4 different places so I really couldn't ever find what I wanted nor did I fully realize what I already had. So although it was high time to reorganize, it has been a GARGANTUAN task and I am getting SO SICK of it. (Pardon me for the obnoxious overuse of capital letters in this post...........I really just need to get it all out, OK?) I'm posting the photos of what my craft room has looked like for the past several days to motivate myself to keep at it. Actually, it looks a lot better than this even right now. I am almost finished with my MISSION: Organization down there. I have to work for a little then take a break. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some great "after" shots to post. I have the day off of work, so that should allow a lot more time to finish. Until then...............I'll leave you with a few shots of utter chaos so you can be duly impressed when I get it done!


Tess said...

Wow, it looks like you've been really busy! I wish you well with this, just remember to quit when your timer goes off and have a break, don't let it all overwhelm you. Good Luck!

Nerissa said...

Don't worry about using capital letters. I completely understand the need to use them as part of the psychological process of shedding the mind clutter that goes along with physical clutter. You must be very proud of what you are accomplishing.