Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update on the Bedroom Makeover

Last Sunday I wrote about my plan to makeover my bedroom during this past week. My main goal was to clean and declutter; however, I also wanted to at least start "shopping" my house for things to use to make the bedroom a more inviting space. I have made pretty good progress even though I had a super busy week, DH was out of town for a few days, and our beloved dog passed away. I am not finished with what I want to accomplish in this space, but I thought I would post what I've done so far.

Below is a photo of one of the two lamps that I originally had in this room, one on each nightstand. I found new ones today at our local dollar store for $10 each and am planning to place the old ones on Craigslist. I originally thought I would spray paint the bases of the gold lamps, but decided that I wanted a different style. When I found the ones at the dollar store, my decision was clinched.

Below is the photo of my new lamp(s). I actually wanted red shades but thought I'd have to purchase or make them. I was really excited to find these with the red shades already included. When I picked these out at the dollar store, I thought I would spray paint the bases white, but once I put them in place, I think I like them as is. I'll live with them a while to be sure, but for now I'm planning on keeping them just the way they are.

The next photo shows a bookshelf that was originally right next to my bedroom closet. I had already purged some books from this shelf before taking the photo.

I consolidated books from the shelf shown above with some books from another bookcase I had in the bedroom and moved the other bookcase into this spot. I forgot to take a photo of it, but did take a photo of the wreath I hung above the bookcase. You can see that below. I've had this wreath for years, but it's been in a closet not being used. It adds the perfect color and texture to my room. I have some plans for the top of the bookcase right below the wreath and will post about that later.

The quilt rack shown below and the metal decorations above it are now in the space where the bookcase was before. Removing one bookcase and repositioning the other has really opened up the space in the bedroom. I had forgotten to take a before picture of this part of the bedroom. The metal squares are ones I've had for years that I rediscovered this week when decluttering my writing desk. It's amazing what you can find when you declutter and shop your own home!

The next picture shows how the top of my dresser has looked for the past several months. Totally cluttered! It has about killed me to walk past it in this state each day since starting Flylady. But I was determined to wait to tackle my bedroom until it came up as a "zone" which wasn't until this week.

The next photo shows a close-up of the mirrored tray that I've had on my dresser for years. As you can see it was a resting place for odds and ends (and lots of dust!).

Yay! Now my dresser is decluttered and beautiful. I will be so motivated to keep it this way. You can really see the surface of this antique piece and the amazing detail of the birds-eye maple. My dad used this dresser as a child. I am so grateful to have it.

This is a close-up of the mirrored tray that was previously so cluttered. I am now thinking about painting the whole thing antique white. I think that would look much better with the other accents in the space.

Since I've been FLYing with Flylady and decluttering, I am getting really motivated to not only declutter and deep clean my living space, but also to fill it with beautiful things. I don't like a lot of "things" to clutter up a space, but I'm talking about some intentional decorating to make things more pleasant and finished. I've found a few great blogs that are totally devoted to frugal decorating and I have a bunch of pieces that I can't wait to repurpose and restyle with some spray paint. I've already bought the paint, but was totally bummed out that it's been damp and rainy today (and will be tomorrow) so I can't paint this weekend. Oh well............ Here are the links to a few great decorating blogs I've found. Be prepared to spend a lot of time looking at the great ideas.

The gals who write these blogs are SO creative. I am so inspired to get busy and create some great things for my home. I already have plans to spray paint a shelf from our kitchen antique white and hang it over our bed. I have a bunch of old photos from my family and DH's family that are in mismatched frames. I am going to spray paint all the frames antique white and place them on the shelf above the bed. I also have some more great items that are waiting for sunny weather to get their spray paint makeover. (BTW........I've never spray painted anything in my life that I can recall. Should be interesting..........)

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I love what you are doing with your house, and it looks great!
I just wanted to add to your list of blogs... has a diy project every week that she posts. You should check her out!