Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm still FLYing

I wrote a post about a week ago about starting to incorporate routines from Flylady into my daily life. I have to say that I am really loving it, and that is saying a lot since I usually profess that I don't like to clean. I have signed up for Flylady's daily emails and am finding them to be motivational and very doable. I love how she sends you little daily tasks in various zones (this week is the kitchen) in your home. I also love that these tasks only take a few minutes, but produce great results. Today's task for the kitchen was to scrub out the kitchen trash can. Hello! How many people do this regularly? Not me! I definitely look at my kitchen trash can and think about how yucky it's getting, but I never stop to do it. I am one of those people that sometimes just needs someone to tell me to do something. So today I am proud to say that my kitchen trash can has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out. I cannot remember the last time this happened. It took me less than 10 minutes to do and I felt so good after accomplishing it. I can't wait to see if DH notices.........he will be emptying the trash cans tonight to put them out for pick-up tomorrow. I don't think he'll read this post until tomorrow at work, so he won't be tipped off either. I'll let y'all know if he says anything.

Another thing I like about Flylady is that she has some really great cleaning tools available for purchase. I am going to tell you which ones I would love to have in case my DEAR HUSBAND reads this and wants to buy them for me. (I have been placed on a.......ahem..........spending freeze, so I can't just click over and buy them for myself. Mother's Day, however, is just around the corner!!) OK..............I have read several testimonials about the Rubba Scrubba and think that it would be a great cleaning tool to have. A main use in my own house for this tool would be getting the cat hair off the carpeted stairs, although from what I can tell there are MANY other uses for this tool. Also on my wish list is this Feather Duster. Everyone writes in to Flylady and RAVES about this duster. I have never owned a Feather Duster before and it sounds like this one would last forever if cared for properly. So if DH is reading this........please know I don't want a cheap knock-off duster..........just the real deal, baby. Ostrich feathers all the way! If you are reading this and happen to own a Flylady feather duster PLEASE leave a comment. I would love to know if it's worth the $$$ (I'd also love to hear from you if you have the Rubba Scrubba!).

In addition to doing the daily Swish and Swipe routine (described in this post), I am trying to keep my sink shiny (as described in the post I linked to above) and to do a little daily de-cluttering. Within the last week, I've already taken two BIG loads of donated items to our community storehouse. I am purging like crazy and it feels SO good. Once every room is decluttered, it will be so much easier to keep it clean. I am also hoping to add the Weekly Home Blessing Hour to my week. I may break it down into 10 minutes a day instead of doing the whole hour at once. To read more about this concept, click will need to scroll down to find the description of the Weekly Home Blessing Hour.

Finally, I am planning to create a Control Journal as recommended by Flylady. I had one of these a few years ago, but didn't fully use it as I could/should have. So.........that's on my to-do list.

Edited at 9:22 p.m.: DH didn't notice the pristine nature of the kitchen trash can when he emptied it tonight. Oh well.............


My Boys' Teacher said...

Yes, I have the Flylady feather dusters. I have had them for seven years. I will say that after one year they both started losing a TON of feathers. I called customer service and they did say they "do that" after a couple years and didn't offer to do anything for me. I will also say that the feather shedding tapered off and I'm still using the same ones. They won't last forever though.

I don't have the rubba scrubba thing...I DO use her calendar though and love it. I like having the little zone stickers.

Glad you're still at it!

Lee Ann said...

OK, you've finally gotten me hooked on Flylady and the wonders of doing small things each day to keep the house from becoming a BIG mess! What I'm hoping is that I can get my husband in on the fun of it too! ;)

Thanks for all the fun, meaningful and interesting posts!

Anna Q said...

I bought a real feather duster from my grocery store. It was more expensive than a regular duster, but I don't remember how much it was. Maybe around $7?

I bought it about 3 years ago and it looks like new and works perfectly, even with my son playing with it occassionally.

I have no experience with the Flylady brand though, but thought at least my experience with a real feather duster might be useful to you.

jojoebi said...

A aunt of mine who has bad allergies was told not to use a feather duster because it just moves the dust around, not actually pick it up. Her daughter gave me a micro fibre duster a few years back and it is brilliant, it does pick up all the dust.
I was out shopping yesterday and saw the cutest duster, micro fibre too...

I am not really a Flylady fan but I do try to do the swish and swipe - although it is more like 3 times a week than daily! and I try to clear and wipe down the sink at night, that does make a big difference, I hate starting the day with a bowl full of dirty dishes.

My way of handling the rest of the house is to break it down into days, vacuum mon & fri (and wed if it needs it), bathroom thurs etc.

trouble is if I miss a couple of days it throws me into turmoil!

Susan & Rick said...

HUGE FLYlady fan.

No so much a FLYlady duster fan. I have one and I didn't feel like it was very practical for me to use or to store. It's quite large at the widest area. I can't say much about the quality because I never really used it, so it's in perfect condition. IMO, There's better things to spend your money on these days.