Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Rolls

One of the many Easter-related things we did on Saturday was to make Resurrection Rolls. I had not ever heard of these until seeing them on a few other blogs this year. I thought the boys were at just about the right age to do this activity so we gave it a try. I thought I took more photos during the process, but just now realized that most of them show the boys' faces which I don't allow on the blog. So.........there aren't very many photos. Sorry! Here is a great post with more photos and the recipe.

Basically, each part of the rolls and roll ingredients represent part of the story of Jesus' resurrection. You start with a large marshmallow which represents Jesus' body after he was crucified. Then the marshmallow is dipped in melted butter to represent the oil that was used to anoint his body and rolled in cinnamon and sugar which represent the spices that were also used. The marshmallow is then wrapped in a crescent roll which represents the linen clothes used to bind the body. Then the rolls are baked for about 10-15 minutes (I had to bake mine closer to 15) which represents the time spent in the tomb. When the rolls are cooled and ready to eat, the children discover that Jesus' body (the marshmallow) is gone which, of course, represents the resurrection. My oldest son knew that the heat from the oven melted the marshmallow, but still gained a lot through the experience and will most likely not forget making the rolls. Next year I think we may try resurrection cookies, which I have heard about before but never made. If any of you have tried either recipe, I'd love for you to comment and leave me some feedback about your preferences.

The photo below shows my littlest boy's hands as he tried to wrap the crescent roll around the marshmallow. If I make these again, I might try substituting flaky refrigerator biscuits for the crescent rolls to allow for a bigger piece of dough. It was kind of hard to make the crescent rolls stretch around the marshmallow.

This shows what the rolls looked like before we baked them. As you can see I baked them on my well-loved and well-used Pampered Chef baking stone.

Here is what they look like when finished, more or less. Some of them didn't come out as puffy as this one and were kind of flat. They do taste pretty good but are VERY sweet and sticky due to the melted marshmallow.

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