Sunday, January 4, 2009

DH is awesome!

For some reason as I was putting away laundry tonight it hit me that I wanted to write a post all about the DH (dear husband to those of you unfamiliar with blog lingo). It struck me that I wanted very much to publicly acknowledge what a great guy he is. I was finishing evening tasks, I was mentally brainstorming what I wanted to write about him. It may end up sounding like rambling, but that's okay.

He is a great daddy to our boys. He will participate in any and all parts of care-giving. He is usually the one to give baths. He often makes meals. He usually does the grocery shopping. He takes the boys to the public library, to the park, and on various other fun outings. He totally takes care of yard work, garbage, snow removal, etc. He also usually fills the cars with gas and takes care of all maintenance needs for the cars. He is great about taking the boys outside to play in all kinds of weather (such as the kinds where Mommy would rather stay inside). He reads to the boys and follows any and all of their interests. He buys treats for them and can always be counted on to have something "up his sleeve" to surprise, pacify, and/or amuse them. He is totally fun for them to play with and will get right down on the floor with them, be silly, and make up new games. He is a master of distraction when grumpiness sets in and is much better about redirecting the boys' moods than I am. He is so supportive of me and my career and my hobbies. He is just all around a great person and I am so blessed to be married to him. I am truly thankful to God for bringing him into my life and for the amazing fact that he is still here after 15 years of ME. Like I said, a true blessing, and one I don't take for granted.

So there you have case you were ever curious about the "better half" of me.