Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Note to self:

.........in the future, do NOT stay up until 12:30 AM sewing quilt blocks the night before you have to go back and teach preschoolers ALL DAY after a 17 vacation. It makes you VERY tired the next day.

Last night this is what the clock looked like when I STARTED sewing my quilt block.

Here was my cozy little craft room set-up. Picture me curled up on the red couch covered in a vintage quilt sewn by one of my relatives (not sure which one.......have to ask Mom) with the TV on, piano bench serving as coaster for Diet Pepsi and resting place for quilting supplies, ironing board (with scuzzy cover.......sorry!) lowered to fit right over piano bench so I DON'T have to get off my #$%@& to press my seams. Yeah............it was awesome!!

Once the clock showed this time (that would be AM now in case you are wondering) I had completed what is shown in the photo below.

With all good intentions of going to bed early tonight to compensate for the lack of sleep last night, my friend, Julie, gave me a copy of the book Twilight today. She took me to see the movie over break. While I am not usually interested in reading about or watching anything having to do with vampires, it was a very compelling movie and love story. SO...........I'm pretty sure I'll be burning the midnight oil tonight digging into the book. ARGHHHH!!

Yeah..........I'm nuts. At least I'm aware of it, however!! :0)


Shannon said...

Confession time...I love the twilight series! I just finished the last book a few days ago! My Husband is reading the last one as I type and it is driving me crazy to not be able to talk about it! Anyway...I do have a point...Keep reading...they just keep getting better!

Oh and the quilt is just lovely!

Laura said...

Thanks, Shannon! I'm heading downstairs to finish last night's quilt block and start reading!!

Jennifer said...

The quilt is gorgeous. I am hooked on Twilight, I read all four books in like one week, word of caution, don't read it when you are going to bed, it actually kept me up! I wanted to keep reading, it was worse than tv keeping me up.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous quilt block!

Anna Q said...

Beautiful quilt!