Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quilt update--Block #3

Last night I finished hand-piecing Block #3 of my quilt. So..........9 more blocks to piece and then add borders, then hand-quilt the whole thing. It will still probably take me this whole year. And I'm still okay with that. But I do have moments where I am tempted to just haul the whole thing into the craft room and run it through the sewing machine. So far, I've resisted. I think I'll still stick to doing it all by hand. However, I am pretty sure my next quilt(s) will be machine-pieced and probably hand-quilted. We'll see.

Not much other news to report here. Just busy with life. We haven't been doing any of the winter activities I'd planned for January yet. And I'm telling myself it's okay. My oldest son has reminded me several times that we haven't done any. So.....I'll probably get organized to do a few with the boys this weekend. That's all for now. I am heading downstairs to work on Block #4 which I started last night.

Block #3, completed

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and pattern you chose.