Friday, January 16, 2009

Snowman Faces---that you can eat!

Tonight after everyone was home from school/work, we FINALLY managed to do one of my planned winter activities. We made edible snowman faces for a snack. We used rice cakes, whipped cream cheese, along with black olives, baby carrots, and yellow pepper slices (I wanted red but the store was out of red!!) to decorate the faces. My oldest son said he probably wouldn't want to eat it, but he would still make one. He ate LOTS of olives, and then ended up eating most of the rice cake and cream cheese. My youngest son liked his too. So it was a fun, healthy, and successful little project.

Here is my oldest son's snowman face.

My littlest boy was able to get his carrot to stick out so it was 3-dimensional which was pretty cool.

For the decorating, I put baby carrots, pepper strips, olives and craisins in a muffin tin. The craisins didn't get used.

Here is my littlest boy's finished snowman face. Pretty cute, huh?

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