Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Snowy Scene with Animal Friends

One of my favorite activities to put together for our learning shelf this month was a winter playset. We have MANY toy animal figures. So I chose some forest ones and put them in a basket. (NOTE: I also added a polar bear and penguin. I wanted you to know that I am aware that they would not be located anywhere near the forest animals in real life. I also know they live on opposite poles.) I had picked up some great little trees at my favorite local thrift store a while back, so these were added to the tray along with a small mirror (AKA..........frozen pond) I bought at Hobby Lobby. I also put out two pieces of white glitter felt for the snowy ground.

Here are all the materials on the tray.

I took this photo to show you the motif on the tray. I found this tray on a thrift outing to my fave shop. I love how perfect it is for this activity!!

Both my sons have already loved playing with this little scene and setting it up. I am happy that they are enjoying what I've put together for them. I am going to set up something similar for my Montessori preschool classroom, but I think I'll put out a frozen "iceberg" for that. Maybe we'll try one of those at home too. For more info about that, you'll have to read my other blog!!


rainbowmummy said...

What a great set up!

Though it makes me , well UOL, I guess would be the term :0) As in Ugh Out Loud! That you had to explain about the polar bear and penguin so you didn't get criticized. Maybe I am feeling to sensitive today.

Oh and I love the mirror, I would NEVER have thought of that!

rainbowmummy said...

Wheres the frozen ice berg?! The suspence is killing me!! Arrrggghhh!

Anna said...

Do you mean a frozen berg as in a huge lump of ice? We did that last term in the sand and water tray. The ice lasted all morning and the play was amazing! We made the ice by freezong water in all the bowls and trays we could fit into the freezer at school. As out topic this term is the Antarctic/winter it's going to do a repeat performance! I can't wait.

I must set up something like this for my kids- i'm great for school and inspirational at home!

Anna said...

What I meant was UNinspriational at home! I make loads of activities for school and then collapse at home and tell the kids to go and play - bad mummy!!