Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowflake Count and Clip Cards

This is a great little seasonal counting activity I found at Making Learning Fun. You can head over there yourself and print out your own for FREE! Gotta love that! The great thing is that you can print out cards for the quantities your child is ready for all the way from 0-19. I printed out 4-12 for my 3 1/2 year old to do at home. He's done this activity once so far. I am thinking of taking it to my Montessori preschool classroom. Since he attends class there, he will still be able to do it, but then all my other students would have access to it as well.

Here is how I have it set up on our learning shelf at home. I found the little basket and wooden box at my favorite local thrift store. I seriously need to stay away from that place, but it draws me like a magnet.

Here you can see a better view of the cards. I am using the little wooden box to hold the clothespins.

To do this activity, the child counts the snowflakes on the card. Very good for practicing one-to-one correspondence.

Then they attach the clothespin over the number that represents the quantity. Great for strengthening finger muscles AND for practicing number recognition.

I had my cards laminated at a local teacher supply store. Then I used a permanent marker to make a dot on the back so the child can self-correct.


Berry Patch said...

I just wanted to pop in & say THANK YOU! I found your Montessori blog a while back & I followed you here as well. I have a four year old son (my youngest) & I'm begun implementing some of the things you are sharing with him. He loves it! I just did the snowflake matching & I'm off to print this activity as well. I homeschool & he now has his own "school basket" with all of his activities in ziplock bags that he can manage on his own. Thanks!

Laura said...

Great! I'm glad you're finding useful information and ideas here!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you (again!) for all of the fun activities! I was waiting on this until I bought some more cardstock and finally got it printed out yesterday.

My little guy is three and we have the hardest time getting him to count out loud, in order, number things off, etc. I thought he had no interest in numbers and have been a little worried about him not knowing, learning, caring . . .

Well. Wouldn't you know. I printed this off and he was fascinated with the clothespins. He sat right down and put them all together and loved it!

I had no idea he knew his numbers.

Thank you! All of your activities are fantastic and my son has been so much happier w/ some more challenging activities. I'm so excited to read and follow your blog.

Your students are lucky (and kids) to have such an amazing mom/teacher!

Thanks again!