Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Reading my Google Reader posts I just came across the most fascinating experiment I have ever heard about in my entire life. I am completely excited to try this with my boys. And I'm extremely curious about what possible explanation my scientist husband might have for the results of said experiment as reported on The Little Travelers blog. I will say no more. You just HAVE to drop everything and click over there right now. If you plan to try the experiment at YOUR house, drop me a comment. I think it sounds very cool.


My Boys' Teacher said...

Could this have anything to do with the fact that the word "hate" produces hot air, and "love" only moderately warm?

:) said...

We are going to start doing this tomorrow! This is the best project ever! Thanks!

magda said...

Here's an article by the Orthodox Archbishop Seraphim describing a Russian variant of the Japanese experiment, in which the Russians looked at water that had been blessed. I think it's really neat that this works on different things.

Cris said...


I had seen this before at a conference in a slightly different variation. The interesting thing that was mentioned there is that our bodies are mostly water....so what words are on your feet??? Maybe that's why I feel so good when I wear my BORN shoes and Lucky jeans!