Monday, February 23, 2009

Sharing the Love

Today when catching up on all the posts in my Google Reader, I stumbled across two really great projects that I hope to get involved in. I wanted to share them here in case you haven't heard of these great ideas.

The first one is a project from a group called The Toy Society. Basically, you make a handmade toy and leave it in a public place for someone to find. Doesn't that sound totally fun?

The other project is similar and is about spreading NICENESS around the world. It is called Operation NICE. The website has little cards you can download and print off. Then you go around in public places and randomly drop off the cards to unexpectedly brighten the day of someone else. I LOVE this idea. I think I am going to print some off right now and stash them in my purse. Wouldn't it be so fun to be a Secret Agent of Love, randomly and anonymously spreading goodness around the world?

Edited at 6:26 p.m.: I just printed off the Nice Notes, Nice Tips, and Nice Sign from the website. I am going to cut them apart and keep them in my purse. I am also adding this link to a list of suggestions for Niceness from the Operation NICE site.

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Jamie said...

I love your blogs! I seriously wish we lived closer to you, I can tell you're such an amazing person!

I hadn't heard of either of these projects and am so excited to learn more about both. We've actually been trying to think of something we could do at the hospital for a month or so now and I think the toy project would be PERFECT! My little ones were both so, so sick with RSV this winter and we were in the hospital a few times with them-thankfully we cared for them at home, but it reminded me how critical things are for so many families. I have been trying to think of something we could do ever since our visits there and I think this would be terrific!

Thank you (again) for the wonderful ideas, and thoughtful posts. Have a great week!