Monday, February 9, 2009

WAAAHHHH!! & 38 out of 40

First the WAAAHHHH! I don't have internet service at my house. It went down on Friday and I have been lost. My DH has been working on the problem........despite having 2 blogs and 3 email accounts, I am not very "techy". Apparently we have modem issues. They are supposed to be resolved by Friday or so. Until then, I won't be around here much. I miss it! I am posting this from my parents house, but my week is so busy, I won't get over here again. So.........I'll check in as soon as I get up and running again.

Now the 38/40. I was waiting until the 40th day of the new year (today) to tell y'all about one of my new year's resolutions. I made a goal to walk (or jog) 2 miles EVERY day of the new year. Yes, people, that would be 365 consecutive days of exercise. I had a very bad fall in terms of being consistent with exercise. Actually, I just didn't work out much at all and things started to get a little jigglier than I like. So.........I made a crazy resolution to do 365 days of exercise. I wanted to wait until the 40th day to make it public because I've heard it takes 40 days to start a new habit and I wanted to wait to see if it stuck before I told everyone about it. AND......I'm happy to say I've done 38 out of 40 days. I took a few days off when I felt REALLY awful with the cold I've been fighting. We have a treadmill in our basement and so it's been pretty easy to go down there and put in my 2 miles a day. Before I got sick, I was even starting to jog most of it. I will gradually increase the distance, most likely, but 2 miles seems really doable. Things are already getting less jiggly. I just wanted to write about it here, not to toot my horn, but to encourage everyone reading this to make exercise part of your daily routine. I teach 30 hours a week, have 2 young boys, write 2 blogs, am active in my MOPS group, craft in my spare time, and do everything everyone else does to maintain a household. If I can fit it in, anyone can. I have had to get on the treadmill REALLY late sometimes. So far the latest I've STARTED the workout is 10:15 p.m. But, I'm committed. I've already broken my goal of 365 days, but I'm making it more realistic and shooting for 360. I'll keep you posted. When I get home tonight, I have to put my little guy to bed (he's here at my parents' house with me while I'm online) then I'll still have to fit in my workout. Actually, I'm looking forward to it. It has truly become a habit now.

OK.........I've got to go so I can get my little guy home. Talk to you SOON, I hope!


Carla said...

Yeah for you! 38 out of 40 is great! Keep up the good work. Maybe you will be an inspiration to me to get my butt on the treadmill.

Gigi said...

Laura, I really needed this. I used to walk daily and was fit because of it and for the past two years have been off and on...just can't seem to get motivated. I like your set number of miles and goal. It has inspired me! Thank you for sharing.