Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Little Joys

I had the day off today. It was not as productive as it could have been, but I was able to slow down enough from my normal somewhat frenzied pace to notice and experience a few things that brought me joy. And I thought I would share them with you.

Joy #1: Nuzzling my chin against the bristly cowlick on my three-year-old's newly cut hair while we cuddled on the couch watching "Charlie Brown's Christmas" DVD for the umpteenth time.

Joy #2: A huge snow "bear" that I observed in a yard when driving to pick up my oldest son from school. The coolest part was that as I drove past, the bear was actually in the process of being created by a man. And even cooler was the fact that the man was an older gentleman (by my best guess he had to be at least in his sixties) and there wasn't a child in sight. I thought that was so awesome!

Joy #3: My oldest son has acquired the confidence and skill to move onto the next level in his YMCA swim lessons. This is big for him and I'm so proud of him.

Joy #4: I spent about an hour of uninterrupted browsing and shopping in this Christian bookstore. I am going to write a separate post about my purchases. But please rest assured that it was VERY joyful to spend time in a bookstore by myself. YAY for me! (And thanks, Mom, for watching my little guy so I could have this outing!)

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