Saturday, February 28, 2009

A fun little find at the local grocery store

OK.........I know I am kind of a nerd to get really excited about gelatin molds, but I wanted to share these cool little mini Jell-O molds I found at my local grocery store last night. I wasn't shopping for Jell-O molds, but they caught my eye. I am not a mom who makes Jell-O......ever. I honestly just don't even think about it. My mom made Jell-O for us quite often when I was growing up. She usually added fruit to it. I have memories of red Jell-O with mushy brown bananas floating on top of it. I liked it. As I said, I just never make it at home. But that is going to CHANGE because I fell in love with these little mini molds and have them jellin' in my frig right now. I realized that one thing I love about these is that I can make individual servings, kind of like the pre-made Jell-O cups you can buy, but they are a really GREEN plastic cups to toss or recycle. I think one reason I never make Jell-O is because when you make a whole bowl or pan of it, it seems to never get eaten. It gets thick and chewy on top and you have to just scoop out a plop onto your plate. But with my new molds, everyone gets their own perfect little Jell-O mold. How cool is that?? I might just become a supreme Jell-O never know. I certainly didn't realize until now that I had so much to say about Jell-O. Anyway........for those of you local readers, I found these at Thriftway, not No Frills.

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Amber, That's Me! said...

What a day for Jello at our local grocery stores! Today, No Frills was giving away FREE Christmas time Jello jiggler cutters. We picked up a pack and there are about or so in the bunch! They were obviously leftovers, they had a tag that said buy jellos and get these free...

We make theme jigglers around the holidays and use my pampered chef mini cutters. We just had red hearts at Valentines and will also do green shamrocks.

Speaking of the pampered chef cutters... we also use them at holiday time to cut our ham, turkey, cheese, or anything else we can find for lunch to "jazz it up"