Monday, February 16, 2009

Questions about faith

My oldest son has been struggling a lot these past few days with issues of faith. We have no idea why, but it's been stressful for us. We don't know if we are helping or making it worse. He is hung up on how he can know whether or not God is real, what happens when you die, etc. He has been losing sleep over it, literally. Tomorrow I am heading to the Christian bookstore to look for some books that are written for children that may help us with his worries and questions. If any of you know any good titles, please leave me a comment. I am heading there tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Thanks so much!

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Anna said...

My daughter has these BIG questions too. They are perfectly natural and it is good that he asks them. Obviously , as he is being brought up in a Christian household for him the status quo is that you all beleive in God. If he is becoming aware of the wider world then he also becoming aware that not everyone holds these beleifs. Even people that he knows and possibly loves. It is hard for you because as parents we tend to want to pass on the things that make our lives rich and beautiful. Asking these questions will not take that away from him. My answers, such as they are - are pretty simple! I reassure my daughter that questions are good. I tell her my faith has been growing a long time and I still have questions and I hope I always will. That I am on a journey and hers is only just starting. Not to be afraid, that I beleive that God holds her in his love even while she has doubts. That with faith also comes doubt, they are opposite sides to the same coin and are sometimes necessary for strengethening belief. That I will always love her even if she comes to a different understanding to me. I'm sure over the years there has been more!

I hope your son finds peace.