Saturday, February 14, 2009

My A-Maze-ing Valentines

Last night after the boys were asleep, I stitched up two little valentine mazes for their valentine cards from me and their Daddy. I got the idea from The Crafty was originally posted on Zakka Life. However, since I didn't have internet access, I didn't get to look at the directions and I just figured it out from my memory of how it looked in the photo. They turned out pretty good. I used Ziploc sandwich bags for the plastic and felt for the backing. I added a card I made on the computer that said, "You are A-MAZE-ing!! We love you so much!! Happy Valentine's Day!! Mommy & Daddy." Each boy got one.

My little boy got one of his candies through the maze and into his mouth. Otherwise, the candy is still in the mazes. Maybe it's too much work? Or maybe the allure of the Valentine chocolate is stronger than the appeal of conversation hearts. I know I would choose the chocolate over the conversation hearts any day. I did have fun munching on the broken ones while I was sewing last night, however. :0)


Angela said...

I was looking at making this same heart maze but could not figure out what to use for the plastic...a ziploc is clever! I'll have to tuck this one away for next year!

Anonymous said...

All your creations are fabulous. :-)