Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coop Update!

Today the ol' DH and I had a chicken coop building marathon. We're getting our house re-roofed and haven't been able to work on the coop for a few days because we've wanted to stay out of the way of the roofers. We got a lot done. It's amazing how long this project is taking though. We insulated the back lower walls and installed the new shelf. You can see the new shelf below.

We also framed in a new front wall. We had removed the doors that were on the shed originally. They were really heavy and not in great shape. Below you can see that we made a new frame using 2X4s and installed a center support. Then we nailed a piece of treated plywood to the left side to make the "chicken door" wall. We will cut a little opening in this side so the chickens can get out into the run (which obviously hasn't been built yet).

Then we added a "people door" to the right side of the opening. Luckily we had a hollow core door that I used a long time ago for a craft table. It already had some white shower laminate attached to one side, so we put that side facing inside since it will be really easy to wipe down. You can see it in the photo below where the door is open. Oh, and we put down the linoleum on the floor today too. You can't really see it well, but it was already installed when I took the photo below.

Here you can see the new front wall with the door closed. We found some hinges that were left from the previous owner and they worked great. Of course I need to prime and paint the whole front. I'm planning to paint it the same red as the rest of the coop. Then I'll frame it out with 1X2s painted white. It should look really cute when it's done. We still have to cut out a chicken door and frame it out, finish framing out the outside windows, finish insulating the ceiling, and we have to install some roof vents.'s coming along. AND...............the chicks should be here in only a few days! I'm so excited to meet them! ha!


Anonymous said...

If I was a chicken I would want to live in this chicken "castle"! It is very fancy, but in a practical way, since the fancy touches will make it easier to clean. My parents used to keep backyard chickens but they didn't have a coop like this one! What a great family project, and it looks nice in the yard too.

Alycia in Va. said...

I sooo wish our neighborhood would allow chickens. Your coop is amazing!

Jamie said...

I agree, it looks amazing! It's so fun to follow your progress! I'm excited for you.

Hey Laura, I was wondering if I could ask a Montessori related ? as well. We're getting ready for fall w/ ds and ordering curriculum/materials for him. I really want to incorporate more Montessori and have ordered a couple books to help with methods, products, etc.

My question is about a shelf (kind of cheesy, I know), I need something that closes/is on wheels to turn so my younger one (1) doesn't get into it when we're not working-I found something I'm interested in on Community Playthings, I'm wondering if you've heard of/know of this company?

This is what I'm looking at: Any advice? I haven't heard of the company but it *looks* more solid than ones on other sites-however, I'd hate to pay more and get a dud. If you haven't heard of them, no problems-just thought I'd try asking you. :)

Thanks for your help and thanks for sharing your fun summer progress!

Laura said...

That looks like an awesome shelf. I think that company has products that are very well-made. However, I haven't personally purchased or seen anything they've built. Hope that helps.

Jamie said...

Thanks Laura!

I e-mailed the company with a couple questions and they were quick to reply with great information, so I feel better about them. :) Thanks for your help.

I'm looking forward to your Montessori projects and Christmas activities! How fun! You're such a talented person and so sweet to share with all of us.

Thanks again for your help.