Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great thrifted finds

Friday and Saturday were great thrifting days for us! The boys and I hit up several garage sales on both days. Sometimes we go and don't come home with much. And that's okay! But it's always fun to find "treasures" for a great price. Our best find of the weekend was a tabletop water fountain. My oldest son has been wanting an outdoor fountain, but we've had to explain that we don't have an extra $200+ to buy something like that. Imagine our surprise and excitement when we walked into our first garage sale on Friday and saw this little tabletop fountain for $2. It works just fine. My sons love it. Later on the same day we found the copper tray it is sitting on for $1. It makes a pleasant, peaceful sound, although I have caught myself looking around to see who left the water turned on!!

I am NOT a very good photographer, but I was pleased to find the wicker chicken basket below for $1. I also bought the 8 green floral napkins inside for only $1.50.

I bought this cute "farm-themed" plate for 25 cents. I have been collecting different plates to hang on my soffit, but haven't hung them up yet. Just one of MANY to-do projects yet to be completed.

We bought this Ker-Plunk game for 75 cents. I love getting new games for the boys at garage sales. They can be so expensive to buy new at the store. Today we bought the game Elefun (not pictured) for a quarter. It is so cute. It has an elephant who blows butterflies out of its trunk and you have to try to catch them in little nets. The boys LOVED playing that many times today.

All summer long my oldest son has been hoping we could find a snowcone maker at a garage sale because I had told him we couldn't buy a new one as they are too expensive. A few weeks ago we found a manual ice shaver for 25 cents. It has worked pretty well. However, today we found this totally cute snow-cone maker for $1. I LOVE this little guy. He is so cute. We tried it out today and used some homemade snow-cone syrup I had made using a super easy recipe from Skip To My Lou. Honestly, it is fairly difficult to crank the ice with this. I did it, but it would be too hard for the boys. Still.......I love the retro vibe and really love the and aqua look so awesome together.

Here's a close-up of Mr. Snowman's tummy. :0)


Melissa said...

Great stuff! I love it when I find great things at thrift stores :) I'm hoping to find my old Snoopy Snow Cone maker in my mom's attic soon :)

Laura said...

I would love to find one of those Snoopy Snow Cone makers. I never had one growing up, but wanted one!