Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

The book pictured above is the exact version of this story that we have at our home. I love the classic illustrations in it. There are many other beautifully illustrated versions of this poem. I thought this version which was featured on BellaDia last year looked really neat. For our ornaments, we will make these "sugarplums" that I found on CraftElf. When researching ornaments for all my other books I came across that gumdrop ornament idea and was hoping to pair it with a perfect book. Then I realized that the gumdrops looked like the "sugarplums" in the poem. I am looking forward to making these. (And maybe eating some real gumdrops alongside!)


Gigi said...

Laura, you made me laugh with your youngest son's teachers gift!!! So funny :-)
This is a great gift idea. You've inspired me to get started early on my gifts!

AndieF said...

I have that exact book too! I started in July with my presents too. A first for me - I usually start scrambling around November, and never get as much done as I'd like.