Friday, July 10, 2009

Little red chicken barn

Well, I wish I could show you a completed chicken coop, but progress has been slow. I did manage to prime and paint the exterior this week. The first photo shows the shed with the primer on. I had KILZ primer tinted gray at my local hardware store. My oldest son told me it looks like cadet blue.............I think he has the names of the Crayola crayons committed to memory, because I am pretty sure it does resemble the cadet blue crayon from the 64 box. I don't know if I pointed out before that the shed we are renovating is actually hooked up back to back with another shed. That's why you can see a cream colored section of wall in the photo. I decided to just paint the "chicken" half red and leave the other one cream for now. I don't know why the previous owners decided to put two sheds together back to back like this, but they did.

And here you can see it in red. I am pretty sure that I like it. It will look a lot better once I get the windows trimmed out in white and once we build the front wall. I like the bright red color, however. I bought it at Menard's and the color is called "Victory Red". I liked it better than the more brick reds that may be more typical of barns. It will really make a statement this winter in the middle of a snow-covered yard. Last night DH and I insulated the back wall. We have a little more of that to do (hopefully this evening) and then I HOPE we will finish the front wall this weekend. It really needs to get done. We've just been hanging a plastic tarp over the opening and it has been raining like crazy this week. So it will be good to have the inside protected from the elements. Expect to see more chicken coop posts soon. And one of these days the post title will say something like, "Chicken coop completed!" Yay for that day..............hope it comes soon!

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