Friday, July 3, 2009

A sneak trip to the thrift store today..........

..............after I got my hair cut...............landed me this set of three cool metal signs. It was a fun trip to my favorite store because when I pulled in the parking lot there was only one other customer car there and it was my friend, Amber's, van. So that was cool. We always talk to each other about going there, but have never ended up there at the same time. I was disciplined in that I told myself if there was nothing I loved, I wouldn't buy anything and I had to limit myself to the amount of cash in my wallet which was $8. This sign set was $6.50. I liked the colors of it and thought they would look great with my newly redecorated living room/dining room/kitchen.

Now one of the words "lives" on each of my top three shelves of my baker's rack. I think the colors in them will even look okay when I change out the items this fall to more seasonal things.

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