Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet the girls

We are still enjoying getting to know our new baby chicks. The boys and I spent quite a bit of time in the chicken nursery (AKA our bathroom) this morning with the chicks. One very cute thing about baby chicks is that they easily fall asleep. They will fall asleep right in your hands if they get relaxed enough. Below you can see my oldest son's chick, Clara, in his lap. As she became more comfortable, her little eyes closed and her head gradually drifted down until she was completely sacked out. It was adorable.

Our little Barred Rock chick, Abby, was trying to fall asleep in my little boy's lap.

This is my oldest son's chick, Clara. She is a Buff Orpington. (NOTE: That is her reflection, not another chick!)

This is Sarah, my little boy's chick. She is a White Leghorn.

This is Abby, our dog Buzz' chick (ha!). She is a Barred Plymouth Rock so she will have black and white feathers just like Buzz has black and white fur.

This is my husband's chick, Reba. She is an Australorp and will have black feathers when she is grown up.

And this is my chick, Dixie. She is a Rhode Island Red and will have brownish black feathers when she is fully grown. My favorite chicken from when I was a little girl was a brown chicken.

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77horses said...

Wow! Those are adorable pics! Thanks for sharing!
-77horses (from BYC) :D