Friday, July 3, 2009

Patriotic shaving cream prints

I have been wanting to make marbled shaving cream prints with the boys for a long time and never have...........until today. I recently saw these on a blog, but when I just checked now, I can't find where. If you know who posted this recently, please leave a comment so I can give proper credit. To do this activity you need shaving cream, food coloring, and paper (I used cardstock which I think is better because it is more sturdy).

I took a glass casserole dish and squirted shaving cream all over (I just bought the cheapest shaving cream they had at Wal-Mart) then smoothed it out with a butter knife.

Then I dropped blue and red food coloring into it in various spots as shown here.

Then I gave each of my boys a plastic fork and they pulled the colors through to mix them as shown below. You could also use toothpicks to distribute the color, however you want to be sure you don't mix it so completely that the individual colors are obscured.

After mixing the colors, gently place your paper or cardstock facedown on top of the shaving cream then carefully lift it up.

The next photo isn't great, but I was holding the paper covered with cream in one hand and trying to snap the photo with the other hand. You can see all the shaving cream glopped onto the cardstock.

The next part is the coolest part. Using a straight edge (I used a wallpaper thing; I think you could also use a ruler or whatever you have), scrape the shaving cream off. This leaves a marbled look on your paper. I was really excited about how it turned out since I've never done this before. I just took the scraped off cream and threw it away in a paper towel. It didn't make sense to me to add it back in with the rest.

Below you can see one of our finished pieces. We just painted 2, one for each boy, but I think you could make a lot more using the same shaving cream mixture.

And here are our two finished prints. All ready to decorate our home for the 4th of July! I think we'll do these again to make some cool artwork for every season.


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

That looks like it was fun for the boys. I think I need to try that for some Christmas and birthday cards with my kids. I'm sure they would love to get a bit messy with shaving cream lol.

Jamie said...

What a fun idea! My kids LOVE playing in shaving cream, but this would be a great (cleaner) alternative. :) We'll try it this week, thank you!

It's so fun to see your chicken/coop progress! I'm excited for you and your family!