Saturday, December 13, 2008

Advent Activities--Days 11 & 12--What happened??

I believe in complete honesty in blogging. Therefore, I will admit that on Day 11 we didn't do our Advent activity. We were SUPPOSED to use my stamps to hand-stamp gift tags for presents, but the evening got away from us and it didn't happen. On Day 12 (last night) our activity was to attend my youngest son's Christmas program at his Montessori preschool (the one where Mommy is the directress and had to organize and lead the whole program!). My oldest son passed out programs, my husband played the CD for one of our songs, my mom was the narrator, my youngest son stood in the front row and acted silly, and I lead 56 preschoolers in singing 11 songs. Most songs went well, one was a little disastrous, the accompanist played one song out of order which required some quick thinking on my part, but the children were beautiful and adorable and no one cried. So........I'll call it a great evening!! The DH was in charge of taking photos and when I got home to check the camera, only 5 photos of the whole evening had been taken. UGH!! He said it was too crazy to take more. Ummm.......ok. I am hoping some other parents got some photos with my son that they will generously share with me. If not, at least we have a few photos of the event. Today's activity is supposed to be wrapping teacher gifts. And we already have a small problem. The teacher gifts are the ones Mommy was supposed to have finished sewing by the end of November. The same ones that are sitting downstairs in my craft room only partially finished. So........I've come clean. Contrary to what a few people think, I really don't get everything done. Not even close. But, it's all good. Have a great day! I'll post an update on our progress soon.

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~Maria said...

You're not alone! People think those things about me too and yet here I sit, reading your blog, when I should be making gifts, wrapping gifts, cleaning house, etc. etc. It'll all get a frenzy, eventually.