Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

We are all four home today for a snow day. Schools all around our area are cancelled due to a big ice/snowstorm that moved through last night. We are lucky that we didn't lose power. The DH took the boys out to sled this morning. We have a nice little sledding hill in our front yard. Since the snow has a layer of ice on top, the sledding was SPEED sledding, and DH had to be at the bottom of the hill to make sure the boys didn't slide into our bushes or into the road! I ventured out to snap some photos of the wintry fun. I have good memories of sledding when I was a little girl. It was so fun to get bundled up and head out into a winter wonderland. It's so calm, quiet and peaceful in the pristine coldness after a snowstorm, especially out in the country where we live.

Both boys are now old enough to pull their own sleds up the hill which is nice. The sled in this photo is a plastic one I bought about 5 years ago at a garage sale for 50 cents!! Best 50 cents I ever spent.

Here is our adopted dog, Magic, whose anonymity is not protected on this blog. :0) He loves to be out in the snow with us.

Our steps were totally ice-covered and treacherous. Luckily, we don't have to navigate these steps to get outside.

Our trees all looked so pretty covered with a thin layer of ice and frost.

I thought it would be fun to show you what I was wearing when I went out to snap the photos. I just pulled my boots on over my pajama pants. Notice the frayed cuff on the left leg. When my preschoolers asked me what I wanted from Santa, I told them I needed a new pair of pajamas.......they thought that was so funny! Another funny thing just happened in the middle of me typing this very paragraph. There was a knock at our door and our mailman was on the porch with the mail. He brings it up to the house if there's a package, and we did have one from Amazon. So........I left the computer and ran to the door in my unshowered beauty (sarcasm here) with my PJs still on. Same ones seen in above photo. He commented that he noticed both cars were home and there must be some "goofing off" going on. Astute observation, sir!! Anyway, maybe I'll post this and go take a shower. It IS past 1:30 p.m. after all!


rainbowmummy said...

What a fun day!

And lol, I am a trousers on for the school bus picking Egg up, then back to pjs then trousers on for school bus bringing him back then back to pjs!!

A said...

I love snowy days! In Montana, schools never close for snow days, though. :( It's so much fun to be cozy at home on a day when you'd normally be out in the "real world." I heart your PJs with snow boots look, too - that will be my uniform for most of Christmas break!