Friday, December 12, 2008

Advent Activity--Day 10--Advent Festival

Every year, our church has an Advent Festival. It is always held on a Wednesday night in early December. One woman, Carol, organizes it every year and does a fantastic job. We so appreciate her hard work. She has Christmas crafts set up in every classroom, a cookie decorating station in the Fellowship Hall, a Nativity room where children listen to Mary and Joseph tell the story of Jesus' birth, and (most popular) a shop where children can go and buy gifts for their parents. The items in the shop are all donated by church members and the children absolutely love being able to go in without their parents and buy gifts. In my post a few days ago, I showed a photo of the Christmas glasses my son bought us there last year. This year my youngest boy was old enough to go along and participate in all the activities.

At the first station, the boys made Christmas balls by pushing tinsel garland into a clear glass ball. These were so simple and pretty. The above photo shows my little boy pushing his tinsel into his ball.

Here is a photo showing one of the finished balls.

Spreading frosting on a cookie and adding sprinkles was another favorite of both my boys. My littlest boy worked so hard to cover his cookie with frosting AND with sugar and sprinkles.

I have honestly never seen such a sugar-loaded cookie in my life. This photo only shows about a third of what ended up on his cookie. Seriously.

At another station, the boys made angels out of white tube socks filled with beans, fiberfill, and then tied and decorated to look like an angel. They needed a lot of adult help with this craft, but the angels turned out so cute. As shown in the above photo, my little boy really liked playing with the beans that were used to weight down the angels.

This photo shows the two finished angels. I love them so much. I am so happy that we are able to participate in this special event every year, and so grateful for the hard work that Carol puts in to make this possible for the children of our church.

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Katherine Marie! said...

EVERY ONE of your advent ideas are SENSATIONAL!!!! Are the balls like little snow globes? HOW FUN! I'm so excited that this wonderful time of year is COMING SOON!