Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joyful Noises

Before I continue, I want you all to know...........the sink is unclogged! YAYY! Also, I should really be downstairs making up little baggies of peppermint playdough (30 to be exact) and tying a cookie cutter to each bag with curling ribbon. I am giving each of my 59 preschoolers a bag of playdough tomorrow night at our Christmas program. I did 29 bags Tuesday night and cooked 3 more batches of playdough tonight before the boys went to bed. Yep, that's what I SHOULD be doing. And instead, here I am, pounding away at the keyboard. I'm telling you right now, God is truly working on me in writing this blog, because I seem to be finding lots of inspired things to write about.

Tomorrow night at this time, I will have finished guiding 59 3-5 year olds through their Christmas program. I have never been in charge of a Christmas program before. So.........I am a teeny tiny bit nervous about it. At the same time, I'm very excited about it. There is something so very touching and joyful about listening to young children sing. Luckily, I teach in a Christian-based program so we have a very God-oriented program planned. There is one song in particular that I think will have a very powerful impact. I am pumped!!

I wanted to write a little bit tonight about something that happened here at my house a week or so ago that got me thinking. I'm a little foggy on the exact details. (Hello! I would hardly be able to remember what I ate for breakfast if I didn't eat the exact same thing every day.........2 toaster waffles, a banana and orange juice in case you're interested!!) What I do remember is that I was standing at the kitchen counter either cooking something or getting ready to cook. My 3yo son had pushed a chair up to the counter and was standing next to me. He had a pencil or something like that in his hand and he started tapping the empty stainless steel coffee pot with it, essentially creating his own drum. ( He LOVES to drum on things.) I was, admittedly, tired by that point in the day and a little stressed. And I asked him to please stop banging on the coffee pot. I think I said it in kind of a frustrated way, not really mean or angry, just kind of exasperated. Anyway, he was unoffended by my request and (I think) stopped his drumming. But he did say to me, "But Mommy! It's music!" And I'm telling you, that little innocent comment stopped me cold in my tracks. I quickly replied, "Yes, it is music." And felt like a complete lunk-head for asking him not to do it. If I remember correctly, he went on with playing and (hopefully) was not emotionally scarred by the experience. But it really made me think. When do the joyful noises stop being joyful and start to just be annoying? What I mean is..........why is it that we, as adults, can't hear the music anymore? I am pretty sure that we all went through a childhood fascination with "making noise", similar to what my little one enjoys right now. So when did it stop being musical and start to grate on our nerves? I found these questions to be very sad, yet eye-opening to ponder. So my wish and prayer for tonight is that my ears remain open to the music for as long as they are able to hear. Let the joyful noises begin!!


Jennifer said...

Your post really said alot to me. I try hard to not be that aggravated mom who snaps at the kids.. but like you, sometimes (especially at the end of the day for some reason) I have a shorter supply of patience and wonder. I don't know when we stop hearing the music, but there does seem to be a definate shift once you are an adult. It reminds me of the movie "Big", maybe I can ask santa to bring back the wonder and childhood abandon.

Anna said...

Youch - that's how I am all the time, especially with one of my children. I am trying very hard not to be that horrble mum that is always telling children to be quiet, stop kicking etc and to remember that they often do these things for developmental reasons as well as enjoyment. When I look back at how I was as a child I remember doing all sorts of things that would rive me the adult up the wall. When did I become such  a meanie. It's stopping right ..... NOW!!! I will be more patient. There, it's a public promise!!