Monday, December 22, 2008

Handmade Christmas--Part 2

Just the other day I decided I wanted to make new pajamas for the boys to wear on Christmas Eve night. I'm psycho like that, coming up with involved projects at the last minute when my house is a complete disaster, mother-in-law is flying in to visit in two days, and I'm hosting Christmas dinner for 14 at our house.'s nuts. Anyway, I stayed up late last night working on some more handmade Christmas gifts. This is the girl who was going to be ALL DONE by the end of November. Sadly, even as I set that goal I feared I wouldn't attain it. Oh well........on with the show and tell.

This is what the PJs look like. These are my little boys pajamas. I had to buy a pretty large t-shirt at Hobby Lobby so the shirt will be kind of huge. And the photo makes the pants look like doll pants. I just wanted to show the whole ensemble. I freezer paper stencilled the stocking on the front of the t-shirts. I wrote a post/tutorial about this on my other blog, so click here if you would like to read it. It is SOOOOO easy with great results. And you could even pull it off before Christmas.

I LOVE the white stocking on the red. I chose the stocking after finding the flannel with a stocking print.

And for two boys, I love the blue background on the flannel. I think these will be so cute and cozy. They are all wrapped up and under the tree right now with a label saying "Open on Dec. 24".

The next two photos show some patchwork dish towels I made for my cousin and aunt. I used this tutorial. They stitched up really easily. I would like to do more of these and want to find the waffle-weave towels next time. Target didn't have those when I bought the ones I ended up using.

These didn't photograph as pretty as they are in real life. Oh well.........I'm not a great photographer OR I have a stinky camera OR BOTH!!

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