Saturday, December 27, 2008

What I've been up to

The camera battery is dead, so this is a sans photo post. I finished the Shutterfly photo book of our "Christmas Memories 2008" and ordered it today! I am so excited to get it in the mail soon. (Not to mention VERY excited that I already got it done!) I have a Christmas Memories "old-fashioned" scrapbook that I update every year with a 2-page spread of our Christmas highlights. It is really fun to go back and look at, so I will continue to add to it over the years. However, if I am pleased with the Shutterfly book, I can see myself also doing the "digital scrapbook" thing. It was so easy to complete. I also like that I can go back and order more copies of it or even order copies in a 12X12 size if I want to. I may start doing a yearly highlights book for the boys as part of their birthday gift every year.

Another thing I've done today is to start going through our "old" toys and books and choosing some to donate so we can make room for our new things. So far I have several piles downstairs waiting to be donated next week. I am going to work on more weeding out over the next few days. It makes me very happy to purge some of our material items, though I am sad to say no one would walk into our home right now and notice that anything was gone. I have to accept that it's an on-going process and just keep plugging away I guess.

Oh, we also went to a teacher supply store so I could laminate a bunch of the stuff I've been printing off for our learning shelf at home. The learning shelf that hasn't been set up yet, that is. Even though I am a Montessori teacher (and have another whole blog devoted to that), I have yet to set up a "Montessori" shelf for my boys at home. That is on my to-do list for SOON. Now I've blogged it, so it must be done, right? Be prepared for some photos and posts about this soon. Until later..........take care, relax, and be well.


Anna said...

It takes ages to make the house seem emptier. Once you've started to get "stuff" out of the house it gets easier to see what needs to go.
If I have a particular room I need to have clear then I get everything out of it, clean it, move back in only what I want in there to have it the way I want it and then decide what needs to happen to whatever is left in the hall!!! Some goes somewhere else in the house but it focuses my mind beautifully and lots of "stuff" leaves the house. It is heaven to have a room as I want it and makes me realise that more than half what I have in my house is unwanted.
Hope that helps!!!

Nino's Mum said...

Hey Laura,

Have always wanted to tell you what a wonderful blogger you are, have just done that, here:

Also, loved the post about your grandmother's quilt. Beautiful.
Hope 2009 brings you twice as much joy and creative satisfaction.

rainbowmummy said...

Keep going. I am not sure if I mentioned before but Egg lost 4 BOXES of stuff as his cupboard was damp. I can honestly say that although I would have liked to have kept some of it (esp his music box) his play has not suffered in any way.

I hate "stuff". This is going to sound really odd but I want a list of all the stuff in my house and I want reasons why the stuff should be there.

We need to move house, and I m trying to work out what to do about that (damp) and when we do I don't want stuff messing it up. Basically I don't know why I would even pack half the stuff in my house.

It was annoying when I tried to donate some BRAND NEW TOYS and I got told they didn't take toys anymore as no one was buying them UGH.